About River Park

About River Park

Assisted Living Community

Set around the Sheridan countryside and nestled next to the Yamhill River, River Park Senior Living is the perfect place to call home. We offer the independence of apartment living with the security and support of an expertly-trained staff. We are committed to the top notch care, home-cooked meals, and being a part of the Sheridan, Oregon community. We are committed to the community and it shows with our shoe drive for kids in the area.

River Park Senior Living features a relaxed environment with enclosed courtyards and living spaces for reading, billiards, group gatherings, music, and much more. River Park is the place to socialize, relax, and be comfortable with a great staff who truly cares about you.

Why Make River Park Home?

The simple answer is this—our staff are committed to caring for and about people. From residents to employees to family members, the heart of our culture is in our values as described by the acronym of F.A.I.T.H.E.
About River Park


We take joy in what we do.

About River Park


We define ourselves by our positive, can-do mindset.

About River Park


We believe character determines outcome. It’s who we are, not what we do.

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We know we can do anything if we collaborate. Synergy is our way of life.

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We have seen that honesty is freedom. We seek to live transparent lives. This is how we build trust.

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We believe we will get out of life what we put into it. We hold nothing back.

That’s Not All!

We offer a variety of additional benefits at your new home—

What is Included?

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Local Shopping Trips
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Planned Events
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About River Park
Emergency 24hr Assistance
Registered Nurse Oversight


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1350 W Main St Sheridan, OR 97378